discuss the improvement of Louisiana State University Shreveports web interface to LSUSs administrative systems.

The intended purpose of this memo is to discuss the improvement of Louisiana State University Shreveport’s web interface to LSUS’s administrative systems.

Research possible different alternative web interface administrative system options and submit recommendations to the Administration Office of Louisiana State University Shreveport. Criteria for decision-making purposes will consist of: effectiveness, security. Solutions will encompass the replacement of the current course management software, myLSUS, by researching three alternative programs:  Morweb, WordPress, Squarespace. 
As a student and student worker, I am constantly bombarded by complaints from staff and students regarding the ineffective administrative web interface currently being used at LSUS—myLSUS. The website is outdated, failing to capture the user’s attention and losing its effectiveness in basic needs: class registration, tax form, financial aid, etc.  Many students have complained about myLSUS being too confusing despite a very simple design, shutting down in the middle of working, and overall confusion in regards to the poorly organized system.  Faculty are even more disenchanted with myLSUS because of the notoriously difficult grade book function, scant scheduling capabilities—just to name a few of the pressing issues.
This concern deserves the attention of Chancellor Larry Clark, to help the university better serve both staff and students by providing a top-of-the line web interface for the administrative systems to match the quality of education at LSUS.
Three course management software programs I intend to deeply research are:




The criteria by which I plan to compare these solutions are:



Available Functionality

Expert reviews via highly respected computing journals