discussion 1: baby on the way

Imagine you are an expectant parent, anticipating the birth of your first child.  New parents-in-waiting, often approach pregnancy, prenatal development, and childbirth in very practical terms. Future parents want to be able to learn what they need to, so they can apply it. This is a primary reason for the existence of childbirth classes—to inform parents of what they can do to successfully experience each of these stages, based on scientific information.
For this discussion, bring your own personal perspective to your consideration of the information, from the textbook.
Discuss your concerns about; pregnancy, prenatal development, and childbirth.
Include at least 3 questions you would ask the instructor of a childbirth class and use what you have learned from the textbook to discuss how you might answer those same three questions if you were in the role of the instructor of a childbirth class.
If you are already a parent, you may use some of your own experiences of new parenthood. Is there anything you that you know now, you wished you asked then? 
*Discussion board rubric– Answer the discussion question and then post a comment to, at least, one other student’s post. Discussion responses should be at least 300 words and should be well thought out, with examples, as well as, your own critical thinking, judgment, and opinion. 
Punctuation, grammar, including spelling should be correct.  You must directly cite the textbook or other scholarly sources at least once within your post as support for your opinions. It is acceptable to use the textbook and you may refer to it informally within your post, e.g. According to _____ on page 205… or In chapter 8, p. 413,  the textbook mentions… You will not be able to see what others have posted until your own answer is first posted.  
Students are required to respond to at least one other student’s post. Responses or comments to classmates should be at least 50 words. They must be meaningful and supported by facts. For instance, if you agree or disagree with someone’s post, include your own reasoning, opinion, and why. It is not enough to respond with just a feeling with no underlying support. (See Netiquette Expectations in Syllabus for behavior guidelines.)

Don’t forget to use my text book. It’s chapter 3 Prenatal Development and Birth