Below you will find two discussions post. Reach each one and RESPOND TO EACH ONE INDIDVUALLY. For discussion one I have attahed a reading to assist with answer the question
FOR discussion two please DO NOT Criqute the author but respond to what has been written.

Discussion one
What are your key takeaways from the book Buy-In?

(Discussion two ic)

The book Buy-In offered a lot of insight humorously regarding the appropriate way to introduce a new idea within an organization. The authors detail how to address individuals who are quick to shoot down an idea, whether it is intentional or unintentional.  It explains what others may be thinking when they give a negative response.  For me, some of the key takeaways from the book were the twenty-four attack categories that could be simplified into four when addressing an audience with an innovative idea. 
     As I read through the book, I put stars next to the attack methods that stood out for me because I have been on both ends of the receiving line.  If I am frank, I felt a sense of embarrassment when I saw some of myself in the characters from Centerville.  I highlighted eleven of the strategies, and then I went back and reviewed them and was able to identify five.  They are (2) money, (5) the hidden agenda, (10) youre abandoning our core values, (12) no one else does this, and (16) we tried that before, and it didnt work.
     I have found myself doing two, five, and sixteen.  However, I was going on the defensive after being a victim of attempted character assassination.  While I want to say I have reacted calmly and been able to address situations as a rational human being, I would be a liar. I do feel that being a student in this program has reminded me of the positive skills I have but have hidden away in favor of the more simplistic route, which involves weapons of retaliation.