Discussion Questions

  1. What experience have you had in which either the traditional or emancipatory method was used, but you would have benefited from the use of the other technique? Why? In your response, don’t get sucked into mere story telling! You should be using your experience to make a point, which requires argumentation. Be sure to carefully apply key criteria from each method to make your case.
  2. Is Rancière right to argue that Socrates is an expert explicator? Or is he, in fact, an emancipator? Use your knowledge of the Meno to justify your conclusion, but given the small space you have for a response, I recommend only using one example of Socrates’ behavior to make your case.

Original Post

On Friday by 11:59pm, your original post will be due. It will be a minimum of 300 words long and a maximum of 500 words long. By “original” we simply mean your own thoughts responding to the question(s) listed for each discussion forum. You will not have access to the posts of your classmates until you submit your original post. Only your first post will be counted as your original post for grading purposes. Please do not post more than one week before the deadline.
You are required to quote the text once in your original post. The quote should be about one or two sentences long. Only up to 50 words of the quote will count toward the minimum word count. The quote should provide evidence that your interpretation is correct (just as a prosecutor might provide a gun with the defendant’s fingerprints on it to convince the jury she is correct about him being the murderer). Provide a parenthetical citation for your quote.
No outside sources are to be used for this assignment. Use only the assigned reading. Any documented use of outside sources will be penalized for not following the instructions. Any undocumented use of outside sources constitutes plagiarism and charges will be filed for an academic offense.