Use APA formatting for DQs.
Citations and references are required. Initial post is to be 300-400 words and 2 interactive posts with fellow learners are to be 150-200 words each. 
Remember to review the DQ guidelines posted in the moodle. Late DQs NOT ACCEPTED.
We have all experienced great conversation that came to a resolution and then nothing changed. It is important to reflect on what did or did not happen that prevented follow through. We have also decided to avoid other conversations all together.
In this post, you will have one of two options to write a reflection and analysis.
Options (Pick One)
 1)      Describe a crucial conversation that was resolved and then nothing happened. Use Chapter 7 as a source for your suggestions and advice.
2)      In many situations, people still resist having the conversation or seek to avoid the conflict because of fear. Identify a conflict you are not having and suggest how to approach it differently using Chapter 9: The 12 “Yeah buts”.
 Questions to answer
 1.  Describe the conflict, the parties involved, what was said or not said and analyze why change was followed through on or why they did not have the conversation.
2.  What does the book suggest needs to be done? What specific behaviours and actions could have changed this result?
3.  Why or why not do you believe this action will change the outcome?
4.  How might you approach a crucial conversation differently in the future?
Support your post with citations from the textbook.