Discussion and Annotated Bibliograpghy

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Discussion Assignment Instructions

1.     Provide a 600 to 800-wordsummary (formatted according to APA guidelines) of the new research in thisarea from a minimum of Five
 newpeer reviewed journal articles (LESS THAN 5 YEARS OLD) and identifyquestions that need exploring in future research. THIS NEEDS TO 

The Journal of Accounting identified key areas of research in accounting: 

The impact of financial reporting and disclosure on stock prices;
The economics of auditing, enforcement and audit oversight;
The use of accounting information in contracting in debt, labor, supply, and other markets;
The role of accounting in compensation and in corporate governance;
The role of managerial accounting on internal decision making such as budgeting, costing, and transfer pricing;
The real effects of financial reporting and disclosure (e.g. on firm behavior);
The economics of regulation of financial reporting and disclosure, including bank regulation;
International differences in financial reporting and the role of reporting standards in international capital markets;
The political economy of standard-setting;
The use of accounting information in public finance and macroeconomic statistics;
The impact of tax regulation on transaction structuring;
The role of transparency in markets and society;

Choose one of these areas and give a summary of some of the current research themes (last 5 years). Finally, identify questions the                  researchers have identified as needing further exploration in these areas.

Introductory Paragraph: gives an overview anddefinition of the topic you chose. At the end of the paragraph, it gives anidea of how your        forum is organized.
Current Trends Paragraph: In this paragraph, you willdiscuss the themes that you found in the research from the 5 articles relatedto your       topic. This paragraph should be a synthesis of the research and notjust a listing of annotated summaries.
Future Research Paragraph: In this paragraph, you willdiscuss areas of future research by referencing the 5 articles that youidentified. The    future research areas should be based on the findings of theauthors of those articles rather than general ideas you may have.


Inpreparation for writing each of your Discussions, you should submit your AnnotatedBibliography Assignment on the topic that is being covered for the week (Accounting,).
Anannotated bibliography is a list of sources (books, journals, Web sites,periodicals, etc.) one has used for researching a topic (AnnotatedBibliographies, 2020). Allsources MUST BE 5 YEARS OR NEWER ALL MUST HAVE 150 WORDS SUMMARIZATION
Forall sources used in your Discussion you should: 

Provide an APA formatted Citation (this should look like what you would include in a normal reference section.
Summarize the source and discuss the research study that was conducted and what the findings were. 
Assess the source and discuss how useful it is and how it compares with other sources in your paper. 
Reflect on how the source will be useful to you in your discussion. How does it help to shape your argument and how are you using it to shape your writing?

Eachannotation should look like:

Author(year). Title of article. Title ofJournal, Vol no (issue). Pg to pg.