Discussion Assignment

Purpose: This discussion assignment will build on and enhance the material you’ve been studying in this module and the previous module. Its purpose is to encourage discussion and interaction between you and other students in this course; provide you the opportunity to share your ideas and contribute to our learning community; and encourage you to engage in the course material presented in this module with your classmates. This assignment also helps you fulfill part of the Georgia History requirement of Area E of the core curriculum.

Task: First, Go to the New Georgia Encyclopedia website, peruse the articles under the headings “Revolution & Early Republic Events” (except the article “Revolutionary War in Georgia”) “Revolution & Early Republic Groups & Organizations,” “Revolution & Early Republic Figures,” “Revolution & Early Republic Places,” and “Revolution & Early Republic Topics” and find a topic, event, group, or person that you find interesting. Second, prepare your first post and, when ready, click on the blue “Start New Thread” button (remember, you can’t see anyone else’s posts until you make your own). Be sure your post does the following:

Places the name of the article as the subject of the post
Briefly (in about five sentences) describes the contents of the article
Identifies the sources used by the author to write the article (are they primary or secondary? textual or non-textual?)
Discusses (in about three sentences) what history might look like if this person, event, place, etc., had never existed.
Properly cites the article (example: “Casimir Pulaski in Georgia,” New Georgia Encyclopedia, https://www.georgiaencyclopedia.org/articles/history-archaeology/casimir-pulaski-georgia.). You will need to include the link so other students can easily find and access your article when responding to your post.