Discussion board

Please follow the directions here. 

Answer ALL SIX parts of the question in clear and straight-forward points. Use bullet points or number style.
Be sure to CITE or Reference your work when you pull information from a website, book, journal article, etc, e.g. when providing a definition of a budget.

In our daily lives we are constantly dealing with budget. Budgeting is part of planning and is useful for implementing personal, organizational or community programs. At a personal level, share your skills and ability in budgeting for your daily operations of your goals and plans.

What is budget?
Why is budgeting important in planning implementation and evaluation our programs
In what aspects you can say you are proud of and successful in budgeting for your personal plans and goals.
What challenges do you encounter, what caused them?
How could you improve your budgeting skills?
Do you think you can transfer your good skills If you worked for a public health agency and be expected to perform rather  well in budgeting for this agency and why?