Discussion Board 9.4

Part One:
An outline is a visual representation of your essay. Outlines help writers plan their essay out before jumping into the drafting stage. This aspect of the writing process can also reveal where there are holes in an essay that need filling!  
For this discussion board, students will follow the outline below in preparation for their essay.
We are going to outline the introduction paragraph AND one body paragraph for essay three. Students will fill in the information on the outline below: 
Copy/paste for your post:

Introduction Outline

Hook (something to engage the reader from the very beginning)
Background information (characterization)
Introduce the play (title, author, genre, and a brief summary of the play)
Introduction to your character (who are you analyzing?)
Thesis (answers the “so what” question)

Body Paragraph

Topic sentence (previews the main idea of this paragraph while also connecting back to the thesis)
Context given (explain or define the aspect of characterization being analyzed. Remember STEAL from last week)
Textual support (quotes and/or paraphrases cited properly)
Analysis (explanation of why the quote is important in supporting the main idea of the paragraph)
Connection to thesis (explanation of how this main idea supports the “so what” of the thesis)

Part Two:
Before midnight Monday, please provide feedback for two of your peers on their outlines. I want you to copy/paste their outline into your post and highlight your suggestions for edits/revisions.  
Part Three:
Students should create ONE of their own Costa’s Level 2 or 3 discussion question for their classmates to answer. This question should be based on Valdez’s or Moraga’s play from this week.