Discussion Board: Chapter #12: Eating Motivation: Hunger is only a “bite” of the story

FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!  Read carefully.
Instead of biological systems, for this DB on eating motivation, you will be focusing on cultural determinants (e.g., race/ethnicity, tradition, family, familiarity, religion, etc.), learning/conditioning (classical, operant, observation), and psychosocial factors (stress, anger, etc.).  Again, NOT biological systems.
This is a conversational, essay paper, regarding your personal experience with food.  Begin with childhood and finish with your current experience with food.  Must be college-level writing (including grammar, punctuation, and capitalization).  
Since this is about you personally, you do NOT have to have sources, references.  However, if you do want to support your experience(s) with research, the source (maximum is one) must be presented in APA style.  However, include no more than one in-text citation and reference.
In your paper, identify the factors that apply to your personal experiences.  As an example, I have created my personal experience with food motivation from child to adulthood. (I have attached a copy.)  Since this is your personal experience, you may not have the same factors as me. For example, religion.  However, pay attention to how I have identified the specific factor that applies to my experience and follows my example.  My essay is about 725 words.  Your essay should be between 550-750 words.  That is no less than 550 and no more than 750 words.  Double-space between paragraphs.  Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt.