Discussion: Ethical Argument

Discussion forums are a way for us to examine topics in our asynchronous setting. Responses are not meant to be research paper-long answers typically a few sentences are all that’s needed enough to get your point across with supporting details. Respond with “Start a new thread.”
Chapters 1-2 examine and explore the foundations and structure of credible arguments. The following example is one you might’ve heard before but what would you do and why?
Prompt:A boat is sinking, and the lifeboat only can seat 20 people, but there are 22 passengers, yourself included. Who gets on the lifeboat and how do you choose? Who should be sacrificed? Should the Captain always go down with the ship? Some additional information:

The water is very cold, so it is not an option for someone to be submersed at all and survive.
A person would need to be out of the water and drying off without being re-submerged to survive.
One cannot swim to shore; they would die before they made it halfway. These free internet sources provide additional scenarios:

Additional resources: