Discussion Forum #1

23Jan 2022 by

Before completing the discussion forum assignment, watch the following video:

Dr. Piff’s research suggests that wealth makes people feel more entitled and, for lack of better terms, makes them more mean and greedy. While I have not done any formal research in this area, I have noticed that when I get tailgated or cut off on the road (and I am by no means a slow driver) it is, more often than not, either 1. a teenager or 2. an expensive vehicle.  Have you had any experiences to support Dr. Piff’s conclusions?  If so, please discuss. Throughout the semester, we will be discussing why individuals who have no real financial need still choose to commit, often elaborate, crimes. How do you feel about the notion that simply having money makes some feel more entitled to behave however they choose and, thus, more likely to break the rules to get more?