discussion post

Please write part 1 and part 2 to see the difference:

Part 1:

Organized Crime.
Take a look at the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada  https://cisc-scrc.gc.ca/nps-psn/ncie-pnrc-eng.htm 
on the Canadian Criminal Marketplace ‐ Illicit Drugs, and discuss the following question.

What are some strategies the Canadian government could use to try to and stop this type of crime?

Part 2:
Respond to this classmate:

In order for Canada to get illicit drug use under control, they should work harder with other countries in order to prevent the importation and exportation of drug products. They also need to increase the severity of the jail time for all drug related offences. They could have registries at stores where the chemicals and production supplies are bought and have the businesses report such purchases to police. I don’t think that any strategy that is offered will stop illicit drugs, as criminal organizations will always come up with new and improved ways of doing or creating new drugs. The only way to stop illicit drugs is to ensure that noone is consuming them. The demand is there, and all the government can do is educate people on the risks, its a choice to consume.