Discussion post: Leukemia

Discussion Prompts: Initial Post
1. Choose one of the diseases or disorders you studied in this module. You can refer to the table in the Module 2 Learning Guide to do so, if needed.
2. Write a fictional case study for this disease. DO NOT mention the name of the disease within your initial post. Include the following information in your post:
    * Etiology: Is it an infection? Is it genetic?
    * What risk factors are associated with this disease or disorder?
    * What symptoms or clinical manifestations (e.g., blood work, X-ray) can be seen with this disease?
    * What is the diagnostic testing for this disease?
Discussion Prompts: Responses Posts
Response Post 1: In your response posts to each other, the student responding will predict what disease or disorder the fictional client in the case study has. In addition, the student will respond with treatments, medications, and prognosis for the client in the case study. You must include sources in your response post (e.g., pictures and videos of this disease).
Response Post 2: After the case study has been solved, the person who initially posted the fictional case study must respond to the individual(s) who guessed the disease or disorder. In your response, discuss if the responder(s) is/are correct and present 12 more facts about the disease or disorder. No sources are required for this second response post.

Example Case Study from Textbook:
Sara, a 51-year-old woman, was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. She had made an appointment to see her physician because she was experiencing chronic low fever, muscle pain, and joint pain. Her physician noted a butterfly-shaped rash on Saras face and ordered follow-up tests. Laboratory results revealed a positive antinuclear antibodies test, anemia, and thrombocytopenia. Follow-up anti-double-strand DNA and anti-Sm antibody tests were positive. What is the condition? What are your clues?