Discussion Questions and Opinion Paper 3

One Page for Discussion questions and one page for the opinion paper

In the conclusion of Code of the Street, what does Anderson say must be done to save the inner-city communities? Do you agree that this would change things; why or why not? What did you think about the book, Code of the Street?


Which theories are integrated and illustrated in the song, In the Ghetto? Do you think it is beneficial to integrate theories or should we keep individual theories separate? Explain your answers.

Opinion PAper :
This is a formal, 1-2 page assignment, use complete sentences, proper grammar, and proof-read!In class we learned about Moffitt’s Dual Taxonomy Theory and Hirschi & Gottfredson’s General Theory of Crime. Watch the biography of Gary Gilmore and take notes about his life and the troubles he encountered early in life through adulthood: