Please read attachment Chapter 8 and answer the following questions below.  Please cite from the book and not the internet.

Question Set 1:
1.     What is one piece ofknowledge about Organizational Behavior (OB) that you acquired after readingChapter 8?
        Specify this onepiece of new knowledge
        Provide citation toKinicki, 3e, (2021) along with the page number where this new piece ofknowledge can be found
        Why was this a newpiece of knowledge for you? (Briefly explain)
Question Set 2:
1.     After readingChapter 8 about groups and teams, briefly but with detail and specificity tellus about your best team experience.
2.     Using two conceptsfrom Chapter 8, explain from a theory/concept perspective why this was yourbest group experience. Include quoted material with citation and page number.
3.     How did looking atyour best team experience through the lens of these two concepts enhance yourunderstanding as to why this was your best team experience?
4.     What could have madeit better team experience?

Quotedmaterial or paraphrased material from Kinicki, 3e, 2021 Chapter 8 is required.