Does God Exist? William Lane Craig vs. Christopher Hitchens – Full Debate

23Jan 2022 by

Your module one discussion must address the debate on Theism and Atheism. You are required to view the video Theism and Atheism for this assignment.

Writing: You must use proper academic English. Please be very careful to review your work before you submit it. Review the writing requirements in your syllabus.

1. You are required to do a minimum of a 400-word summary on the speech. This is a minimum. You must summarize the debate, all of it not simply a portion. (50 points).

2. Your summary MUST contain the video citation (timestamp) on those major points you address. For example, (3:55-4:00) Blair addresses the compatibility of Science and Religion. (10 points)

3. You are required to respond to one other classmate with a minimum of 100 words. (40 points)