Does Lower Health Care Costs Also Mean Rationing of Health Care?

The policy brief should be approximately 1200 words (maximum) in length (font size 12), double-spaced, with 1” left and right margins and 1” top and bottom margins.  The paper should include a minimum of ten (10) references. (References must be properly cited in the document.) You may attach charts, tables,
 or diagrams but they will not be counted toward the text requirement.

Papers will be graded based on each of the following areas:


Handed in the paper on time



Used appropriate policy brief structure



Style was appropriate (biomedical style)*
Used correct grammar, spelling, and terminology
Writing was clear and readable
Consistent style format used throughout



Accomplished the stated objectives (Sufficiently addressed the topic)
Demonstrated an excellent understanding of relevant literature
Demonstrated sound organization
Discussion was appropriate and derived from current information