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Use the article you chose in the Week 2 Discussion and information from Chapters 3 and 7 of the Creswell textbook and discuss the following:    What is the theoretical or conceptual framework of the study and does it align with the problem statement?    What are the studys research questions and hypotheses if the study is quantitative?    How do the research questions relate to the purpose of the study?
Article of week 2
Ecuador has been experiencing increased cyber-attacks because of insufficient cybersecurity experts. The Ecuadorian government is committed to ensuring that the country averts future cybersecurity issues. However, cyber threats can adversely affect the economic status of Ecuador. In essence, the Ecuadorian government launched cybersecurity education in the learning centers. The Ecuadorean experience that started early is similar to the Saudi Cyber Security Strategy launched a few months ago.
Teaching cybersecurity in education centers will increase the number of skilled experts who can solve cyber threats. Due to its importance, Westcliff University announced a cybersecurity program on the 27th of December 2021. The graduate and undergraduate students pursuing information technology-related courses such as computer networks and computer science have to acquire cybersecurity education (Catota, Morgan & Sicker, 2019). Cyber-attacks are widespread in Ecuadorian financial sectors. Cybersecurity education in Ecuador encourages F5 Transcript for transcription purposes (Catota et al., 2019). The economic sectors in Ecuador have embraced authorization methods such as biometrics and sophisticated passwords. Authentication methods offer security to the Ecuadorian banks to safeguard the information belonging to the customers (Catota et al., 2019). The exposure of confidential information can easily facilitate a hacking process whereby there is fraud in the bank accounts. The professors teach cybersecurity units in the final semesters of the undergraduate or graduate programs (Catota et al., 2019). The higher learning institutions in Ecuador organize seminars and presentations for all students on cybersecurity as an emerging issue. However, they lack instruments for teaching on cyber threats denying students the chance of having the necessary certifications. The Computer Response Incident Response Team (CSRIT) formation will significantly help promote cybersecurity education (Catota et al., 2019). Most students in Ecuadorian universities advocate improving cybersecurity education in their curriculum (Catota et al., 2019). Hence, higher learning institutions will play a significant role in promoting cyber security education.
The Ecuadorian government had a great dedication to promoting cybersecurity in Ecuador through teaching in the universities. Students appreciate the initiative by the government. However, they require improving the teaching methods to instill cybersecurity knowledge effectively. Cybersecurity education will increase the number of cyber experts in Ecuador.
ReferencesCatota, F., Morgan, M., & Sicker, D. (2019). Cybersecurity education in a developing nation: The Ecuadorian environment. Journal of Cybersecurity, 5(1). https://doi.org/10.1093/cybsec/tyz001