Dr.King and Desegregation

      Using standard essay format (introduction and thesis, body paragraphs, and conclusion), write a 4-5-page essay on one of the following topics.
      Include direct quotations and paraphrases from the primary source.
      Include direct quotations and paraphrases from two secondary sources to develop your argument.
      These sources must be books or articles from the following subscription databases:  Academic Search Complete, History Reference Center, JSTOR, Literature Resource Center, or Project MUSE.
      Follow APA/MLA documentation style for in-text citations and the References/Works Cited page.
      Use some or all of the following key terms where relevant:  African diaspora, anti-black violence, Black Nationalism, civil disobedience, dehumanization, desegregation, institutional racism, lynching, Marcus Garvey, non-violent direct action, segregation, white supremacy.

Essay Question:
In Letter from a Birmingham Jail, Dr. King compares the American Civil Rights Movement to Third World decolonization and independence movements in Africa and Asia (now referred to as the Global South). To further his argument for desegregation, he also contextualizes non-violent resistance to unjust segregation laws as a moral responsibility and places the civil rights struggle within the broader historical and theological context of Christian ethics (6).  Write an essay that answers the following questions:
      How does Dr. Kings comparison between the Civil Rights Movement and the attainment of native sovereignty in African and Asia strengthen his overall argument against segregation (5)?
      Why does Dr. King emphasize the difference between just laws and unjust laws (6)?
      How does Dr. Kings use of Christian theology and ethics affect the force of his overall argument for desegregation?

 Make sure to Title your essay in a manner that reflects its focus.