Dynamics of Campus Environments – Specifically once BLM Movement began

Assignment 3: (30 pts.) Research Paper on a mutually agreed upon topic with the instructor due end of the ninth week of class.
Write a 12 -15 page research paper. This paper will further facilitate your learning and internalization of the course material. 
The paper is designed to help you develop a perspective on the multiple roles of the student affairs professional and how you, as an individual, view those roles and make decisions about yourself, and your own role in the profession. The paper must be research-based with appropriate citations (APA style). Intimate knowledge of research journals in the field will provide you with a basis for understanding this evolving profession, the interrelationships between theory and practice, and the various research methods for addressing current issues in the field.

My role in the profession I am working towards is becoming an academic advisor, so how can the dynamics of these campus environemtns and among students now after all this social unrest be used to help an advisor in their role?