Each question gets an essay

FINAL QUESTIONS Please write a very detailed response to the two questions below (50 points each). I do not give exact page counts, but I think each answer should be at least three to four double-spaced pages. The questions are a little abstract and broad because each one is intended to make you think about these issues and formulate a creative, thoughtful response using the class material.
 1. Using Barbara Fields, the documentary film Race: The Power of an Illusion, and the class lecture on housing segregation, describe and examine how race and racism are socially constructed. Connect these ideas to Khalil Muhammads examination of how an historical discourse on race and crime played a major role in the construction of blackness.  
2. Analysis Khalil Muhammads book through Foucaults notion of power/knowledge, standpoint feminist theory, Gayatri Spivaks differentiation between the subaltern and the oppressed, the documentary films Slavery by Another Name, and 13th. How can these theoretical approaches, and the two films be applied concretely to the historical genealogy presented in Khalil Muhammads work? 
The film Race: The Power of an Illusion can be found by visiting the CSI library home page and clicking on “A-Z Databases” and then the letter “K” and going to “Kanopy.” Search for the film: Race: The Power of an Illusion Episode 1 The Differences Among Us.” You will need your CSI ID to do this. 13th is on YouTube, and Slavery by Another Name can be found through a google search.