early warning system

Write a scholarly paper about the use of an EWS for the early identification of shock. Choose one type of shock (hypovolemic, cardiogenic, septic, or distributive). You will provide a concise, yet detailed, review of the pathophysiology from the cause through each of the 4 stages of shock (initial, compensatory, progressive, refractory). You will then choose an EWS and evaluate a typical patient in the compensatory stage of shock. Include a brief, but meaningful critique of the EWS tool you used. 

Use the Assignment 2 Paper Template to write your paper. Information is provided in the template for each section.

Write a 3-5 page paper (excluding title page and references), following APA guidelines. Papers over 5 pages will not be accepted. Include at least 5 scholarly references as in-text citations and in your reference page to support your statements and ideas. Please follow the APA Guidelines closely. For more information, please visit the Purdue Owl website (http://ow.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/18/). Include an introduction, body, and a conclusion in your paper. Refer to the grading rubric for Assignment 1 (Scholarly Paper Rubric) located in the Assessment tab / Rubrics. Do not use direct quotations unless absolutely necessary. The Assignment will be submitted to turnitin.com when you place it in the Assignment Dropbox . Review the originality score to ensure that it is 10% or below.