EB high acuity paper

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Practice in High Acuity Nursing Paper

The purpose of this paper is to apply what the student has learned
about the evidence-based practice to a clinical practice observed in the clinical
setting during the NUR4150 clinical rotation.


To complete this
assignment, the student will choose a nursing practice observed during the
clinical rotation this semester. Once the topic has been chosen, the student
will check to see if the agency has a policy/procedure for the practice
observed. If the agency has a policy/procedure this will need to be cited in the
paper. If there is not a policy/procedure for the observed practice the need
for policy will be discussed in the paper. The student will then review the
literature to determine whether there is evidence to support the observed


The following are required elements for this paper. Please organize
the paper using the following headings (items in bold). Under each heading are
suggestions that will help the student when writing each section. This list not
a comprehensive but will provide guidance to the student.



Chosen topic: Oxygen
use in patients with COPD


Practice Observed (5pts)

Clearly identify and describe the nursing
practice observed.

Policy/Procedure (10pts)

Does the agency have a policy and procedure in
place for the practice observed?

If yes, identify how the actual practice does
or does not reflect the agency policy/procedure?

 If not,
should a policy/procedure be developed for this practice? Student should
support position with evidence from the literature.

Review (15 points)

Summarize what the literature states about the
practice observed.

A minimum of 3 Medical/Nursing Journal
articles less than 5 years old should be discussed in this section.

of Practice to Literature (20 points)

Is the observed practice supported by the

Discuss the support (or lack of support) from
the literature for the observed practice.

If the evidence does not support the practice,
discuss possible reasons for the practice being performed this way at the agency.

to Implementation (10pts)

If the policy is supported by the literature,
discuss potential barriers to successfully following the Policy/Procedure.

If the policy/procedure is not supported by
the literature, discuss specific areas of the policy/procedure that are not
evidenced based and the barriers to implementing evidence-based practice as
identified in the literature.

If no policy/procedure exists, discuss
barriers to implementing evidence based practice as identified in the literature

for Change in Practice (10 pts)

Discuss changes that could be made to help
nurses follow evidenced based practice as identified in the literature.

Discuss how the agency Policy/Procedure could
be revised to support evidence-based practice.


Point Distribution:

Content: 70

Organization: 10

Mechanics: 10

APA/ References: 10



Length 5-6 pages (does not include title or
reference page)

Must use headings identified above.

Include an abstract (the following website has
instructions for completing an abstract and is an excellent resource for APA

Refer to APA 7th Edition
requirements found in Module 1

Avoid use of abbreviations and jargon


Required to use 3 Medical/Nursing Journal
articles less than 5 years old

Additional resources must be reputable.

All sources whether paraphrased or directly
quoted MUST be cited in text and on the reference page

No long quotes

Only one short quote allowed within text of
paper– the rest the information must be paraphrased and cited

MAY not use Wikipedia and any
non-professional.com websites