Economic Report

Task Find any current news article and relate it to any material that we have learned in class. You will then write an economic report that summarizes the article and explains why it relates to a topic that we have learned in class. If you include a graph, it is even better! The article should be from this year. if possible. 

Economic Report Requirements 
1) First, you must type your report in paragraph form. 
1st paragraph -> summary of the article 
2nd paragraph -> identify what topic in class this article relates to and explain that topic. 
3rd paragraph -> form a normative statement about the article. In other words, form your own economic opinion about the article 
4th paragraph -> overall conclusion

PS- a  few terms we covered in class are opportunity cost, elasticity, market structure.
It is important that the analysis of this article is good and related to the course of ECO 202. 
The link at the top is the article I would like you to do. Thank you!