Based on Assignments 1 through 4 of this project, prepare a 800-1000 word paper that addresses the trends, effects, causes, and solutions for the problem of income inequality.  

What is the range of recent estimates about how many jobs could be displaced by anticipated automation developments?
What are the most significant technologies that analysts believe will cause this dislocation?
What types of jobs/occupations are most likely to be displaced? Which are least likely?
What are the likely alternative outcomes for displaced workers?
Explain how you or your family have been or may at some point be affected by job dislocation from technology. Are you taking this development into account in your education and career planning?  If not, why?
What do you recommend we should do to deal with the hypothetical job dislocations that could result from automation? Are government programs or regulations needed? If you don’t think anything should be done, explain why.

Writing Standards
The paper should follow standard MLA format (see MLA FORMAT guide below).
Include a minimum of four properly cited references to the resources for assignments 1 through 4 or the course text.  You can also reference other sources; journal, newspaper, magazine or online articles. 
All papers are to be proofread, spell-checked, and double-spaced.  Correct use of citations and references is expected. Plagiarism is a serious matter.