The paper should be 2-3 pages long and typed double spaced(approximately 500 words). For writing the paper select a company that you currently work for or plan to work for in the future. Choose a for-profit company that operates in the market economy since a non-profit or a government organization do not normally operate through the market mechanism. In the paper address the following:
1. A short description of the company focusing on its history, what goods and services it provides, and who are its customers.
2. The market structure in which the company operates (four markets are possible as discussed in class) with a justification of why you chose that market structure
3. The strategy the company should pursue to maximize its profits given its market structure.
The final paper is due by the last day of last week of class, Sunday December 19. Please upload your file in the link provided and do not e-mail it.
Let me provide some guidelines to help you get a better understanding of how to structure the paper. Once the companyis selected, the most important aspect is to discuss the required issues in your own words.  However, try to include some relevant economic terminologies learned in class in that discussion. I shall be looking at both structure as well as content while grading the paper. The paper should have a separate cover page and include your name and Course Number in that cover page. Then, in a new page begin with an introduction, followed by the main body, and finally a conclusion in sequence. There should be a separate reference page with the list of references. The 2-3 page requirement applies only to the main content portion (introduction-main body-conclusion) and the cover page and reference pages do not count towards them. 
The introduction and the conclusion can be one paragraph each. In the introduction also include a one or two sentence description of what is being discussed in the paper. Then discuss the topic in the main body of the paper in a number ofparagraphs. The conclusion will summarize the main paper along with any other observations you may have about the topic. It may help to organize your writing if you use some sub-headings for the paragraphs. All papers should have at least three references one of which may be your prescribed text. You may use any style APA/MLA etc. you may be familiar with for references but do so consistently for all the references.  That also applies to references from the internet. Wikipedia, Investopedia,and a few other similar websites are a good and ready source of information in the internet and you may access them for researching any topic. However, please, do not use Wikipedia or Investopedia as a primary reference.  You may find a number ofprimary references used by Wikipedia while it explains the concept and these primary references, if you can access them, may be cited.
Since this is a paper on an economic topic, you are welcome to use graphs, charts etc. to supplement the discussion and highlight major issues. Use of short tables with numbers is also permitted. You may use quotations, but it should not exceed 10% of the paper. If you find long quotations that may be relevant, I would rather like to see you paraphrase them in your own words instead of quoting them verbatim as it shows your understanding of the issue discussed