Educational Technology Theory

Your task is to design an assignment using one of the educational technology tools that Watters’ (2019) discussed (and dismissed). You will be designing an assignment for a higher education learning environment, and you can choose whatever discipline you are interested into work with. The assignment, however, does need to meaningfully employ the educational technology tool.
You will need to provide the following information:

The learning outcomes for the assignment.
A detailed description of the final product.
The process that the students should follow to accomplish the product.
Helpful hints for using the technology tool.
A discussion and/or rubric of how the product will be evaluated.

Finally, you will conclude with a meta-analysis of the assignment and the educational technology tool, specifically considering the dominant (as there is always a mixture) learning theory that informs the assignment. You have read Weller’s (2020) discussion of constructivism and connectivism, and you may find it helpful to review Harasim’s (2017) Learning Theories and Online Technologies.
You will need to submit 2-3 pages, using either single or double-spacing based upon your assignment structure. You do not need to include a title page or abstract, even though you should include references.