Elizabethan age Blog

Blog Topic:  The blog is an opportunity to research various topics that might interest you about the Elizabethan age.  For example, you might want to research further William Shakespeare, “Twelfth Night” celebration, the Shakespeare production of Twelfth Night in 1601-02, the Elizabethan theater, the Elizabethan Age, Elizabethan customs, cross-dressing, Elizabethan drama, Elizabethan actors, or William Shakespeare.

Blog Guidelines:   Click the “Student Blog Example” link below the Rubric                               for a Quick Review for Citing Your Two Sources using MLA                               documentation. 
(1) Write a short paragraph for each source, summarizing and paraphrasing the information. 
(2) Identify the author or the title of the article in the signal phrase of the first sentence of each      paragraph such as “Mary Brown observes . . . .”  or in the article, “William Shakespeare      Biography,” we learn that . . .This is the preferred way of citing today.  However you may      still use the parenthetical citation for the author’s name or partial title of the article.
(3) Also, use the  parenthetical citation for citing a page number in a book.  The period follows      the last parenthesis of the parenthetical citation.  “. . .  (63).