Employment Law & Labor

This writingassignment is to be completed using the included materials, covering FLSA andEEO Topics.
Graded on four dimensions:

Issue identification
Statement of correct rule


Issue: whether employees earnings meet theminimum wage required under law
Rule: under FLSA minimum federal wage is X. InFlorida, the state minimum wage is Y.
Analysis: Federal rate is the minimum; staterate can be higher. Need to pay the higher rate of the two. Here XYZ.
Conclusion: After calculating the rate earned inthe week, less deductions, she earned enough. No action needed.

Prepare a memo where you take a4-step approach to identifying and discussing the issues that appear throughoutthe story / fact pattern.  

Issue: state the issue that you see / the potential problem thatyou have come acros
Rule: state the rule / law that provides the answer on how tohandle this particular issue, and explain what that rule / law says andrequires
Analysis: given the applicable rule / law, discuss the facts of theparticular situation and discuss how they apply to that rule / law in thissituation.
Conclusion: make a final conclusion / recommendation about whetherthat rule / law is being violated, and – if so – how it should be remedied.

Pleasee keep all parts of the IRACanalysis together for each issue. For example…

Issue: The first issue I identified is X. (statement of the legal question / problem you are going to discuss)
Rule: Under Y law, etc etc etc. (you state the law(s) / rule(s) that apply)
Analysis: Here, we see that employee is doing this and that. (you apply the facts from the story)
Conclusion: based on the above, it seems employee was not paid enough… or employee is entitled to Z… etc.

Keep all those parts in asingle paragraph.

THEN, move on to paragraph two…Issue 2, Rule 2, Analysis 2, Conclusion 2… in a new paragraph. And so on foreach issue. Do not lump all of the issues together, then lump all of the rulestogether, then all analysis together, then all conclusions together. Ifyou do not follow this format, the grade will be docked points.