EMR Systems

28Jan 2022 by

Create a PowerPoint presentation to address the following:

Introduction should include a definition of an EHR. Please include the name of the EHR program at your facility and when it was started at your organization. Please support this section with a scholarly source.
Present three key points about the EHR program in use that fosters best outcomes for both client information and organization outcomes and include scholarly support for this section.
Present overall/unit specific concerns of the EHR and other concerns that maybe identified with the use of all types of EHRs. Make sure to include scholarly support for this section.
Identify how you can address these concerns and ensure the EHR is used in a safe and effective manner. Include scholarly support for this section.
Provide a reflection of greatest learning after completing this assignment and how it can be incorporated to improve the use of the EHR at your organization
Provide a conclusion. Include a summary on the key points of this presentation.