ENGL 210 week 6

26Jan 2022 by

This week you are not creating an initial post.  Instead, you will respond to ONE of the below threads. You will be responsible for posting three times within that thread: one by Thursday evening and the other two threads by the end of the week.  Please reflect on your classmates’ discussion in that thread. You are not creating initial posts. Instead, you are carrying on a conversation about the play with your classmates. If no one else has chosen your play, your instructor will ask you a question to which you can respond.

Thread One: The Taming of the Shrew: Shakespeare’s A Taming of the Shrew contains quite a few interesting characters. In your response, find modern day characters from either television or movies that are similar to the characters in this play.  You could even compare characters from Taming of the Shrew to either Pygmalion or The Importance of Being Earnest. Make sure to discuss more than one Shakespeare character, and explain your decisions. In your responses to your classmates, carry on the conversation. Do you agree with your classmate’s discussion? Why or why not?
Thread Two: Richard III:Describe Richard III’s character and some of the decisions that he made.  How do these emphasize his ambition?  Make sure to use specific examples to back up your discussion. In your responses, carry on the conversation. Give more examples. Show another point of view about his character.
Thread Three: Macbeth: There are quite a few famous lines from Macbeth that are often quoted.  Find one famous quotation from this play, and explain how the quotation highlights what you believe to be the theme of the work. Note: the quotation should be included in your post, but it is not included in your overall word count. In your responses, carry on the conversation. Do you agree with your classmate’s discussion about the work’s theme? What does the chosen quotation mean to you?