Comparison/ContrastTake Home Essay
For this assignment you will submit to Turnitin on Blackboard atyped essay of 750-1000 words (2-3 pages, double spaced with 1 margins and nolarger than 12 point font) on ONE of the following topics by the due datelisted on Blackboard/Turnitin.
Important:  I amrequiring that you do NO research.  Theessay is supposed to be about you, your life, your experiences, your opinionsand ideas.  If you do not includepersonal details, examples, stories, etc. to support your views, I will suspectplagiarism.  If I can rule outplagiarism, I will still consider the essay off-topic and lower the gradeaccordingly. 

CHOOSE ONLY 1 OUT OF THE 3 TOPICS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. Explain the differences between you/your life in a specific timein the past and in the present. (You then and now)
2. Contrast the way a friend or family member you know personallyused to be with the way they are now.  (Thatperson then and now)
3. Contrast your wrong impression of a specific person with the waythat person really is or was.
For all of the above topics, please, keep the subject matterpersonal.  I do NOT want essaysabout politics, social issues, or historical events. I, also, do NOT want toread something technical.