“The Black Panthers – Vanguard of the Revolution.” , directed by Stanley Nelson. , produced by Stanley Nelson, and Laurens Grant. , Public Broadcasting Service, 2016. Alexander Street, https://video.alexanderstreet.com/watch/the-black-panthers-vanguard-of-the-revolution.  (Requires QC Library Login) (also available on You.Tube)
Choose your own adventure. Choose your own subject related to our course readings. The subject should be of interest to you and related in some way to “The Artist’s Struggle for Integrity or “Beyond Vietnam.” For example, you might choose the year 1963 or the Vietnam War to “The Artist’s Struggle for Integrity” or “Beyond Vietnam.”Interrogate and investigate the sources you find, such as points of agreement and/or disagreement with the key ideas of “Integrity or Beyond Vietnam.”  Based on your close reading, opinion, analysis, and synthesis,,how do the sources provide a deeper understanding of “Integrity” or “Beyond Vietnam”? What connections do you find to the 2020s? What relevance do these sources hold to your own ethics, values, and experiences? 


Choose a topic from the Suggested Subjects list that is of interest to you. Investigate the  connections to “The Artist’s Struggle for Integrity” and/or “Beyond Vietnam.”  

Collect a total of 6-7 sources. 1-2 of the sources can be “Integrity” and/or “Beyond Vietnam.”  

At least 3-5 of your sources should be new. You can find these sources through  library research nd/or from the resource lists for WP 3. You also can choose sources provided in the prompts.

Read through and take notes on all of your sources. What connects your sources? How do your sources inform and support each other? Use your skills in analysis and synthesis to assist you with this writing.

Consider adding a personal element to your research. What did you find relevant to your own ethics values and experiences? What might be especially helpful to an audience in the 2020s?

WP 3 Sources and Works Cited

6-7 total sources. 2 of the sources can be “Integrity” and/or “Beyond Vietnam.” 1-2 sources can be chosen from one of the SUBJECT AREAS.At least 3-5 of your sources should be new sources that you find through research through library research and/or from the resource lists for WP 3, and from the sources provided in the prompts..
Sources you can use to reach 6-7:

Baldwin and/or King 1-2 sources

Sources linked in the prompts.1-4 sources (including the 2 “Eyes on the Prize” Documentaries)

Anything from the resource lists for WP 3 At least 1-3+ sources

Library Research (library research workshop is 11/16– next week) 

at least 1-3+ sources

IN-TEXT CITATIONS: Be sure to include in-text citations for all quotes, paraphrases, and summaries of your sources throughout the essay. See this  sample paper in MLA Style. 
WORKS CITED LIST Create your own works cited list in MLA style. All 5-7 of your sources should appear in the works cited list. See this  sample paper in MLA Style.