English What is argumentation?

Please review the YouTube video, the outline link below, and the PowerPoint below carefully. Then, complete the activity.

argumentative_writing (3)-1.ppt 

Activity/exercise on thinking about argumentation:

Adapated from For the Sake of Argument: Writing Persuasively to Craft Short, Evidence-Based Editorials
Brainstorming: What Do You Care About?

What would you like to change if you could? What problems or policies do you think should be addressed whether something global, like climate change, or something closer to home, like a later start time for your high school classes? Make as long a list as you can.
What issues, topics and fields are you passionate about? Make a list. Your list might included fields as broad as music or as specific as the early days of hip-hop. What questions or controversies in these fields do experts or fans often argue? Where do you stand?
What do you do outside of school? What are some things yourean expert on? What aspects of those hobbies or interests do you find yourself having to explain to others? Why?
What issues or ideas do you often find yourself discussing or arguing about with friends, your family or online?
What issues or controversies have you followed recently in current events? What are your opinions about them? What might you need more information about?