english1A essay

Professor Rajaram
English 1A
Essay 1
In class, we have been examining how place connects to one’s identity. Please choose one of the following two essay topics to write about:  

What is “the curse” in Alexander Chee’s essay? How does this curse relate to place and identity?

What is an “ordinary girl” in Jaquira Diaz’s essay? Is Diaz an “ordinary girl”? How is Diaz’s identity as an “ordinary girl” or NOT “ordinary girl” shaped by where she grew up?

Write an organized, thesis-driven essay in response to either prompt. You MUST focus on one of the essays in your paper and you MUST have a thesis at the end of your first (introductory) paragraph. 

Use proper MLA citation and formatting guidelines. Practice using TEXAS (or TEXAEXAS) paragraph structure. Be sure to use evidence (quotes) throughout your essay.

You will need to write a 5 page paper on the above topic (5 FULL pages).

Double space

1 inch margins all around



Page numbers

No cover page (online submission)–use MLA format for header

Use Times New Roman 12 point font

Rough Draft due ____________
Final Essay due ____________

Sample Thesis: 

 In ________________ by __________________ the author explores his/her 

identity as __________________ and argues that ___________________.


Explore the description provided of that identity.

Topic sentence
eXample (quote)

What is the author’s argument about that identity?

Again use TEXAS paragraphs for this