Epidemiology Report on Heart Disease in California

Guidelines for Epidemiology Report: Gatherevidence about the issue and present findings as well as actionablerecommendations. If no recommendations are required, then statement(s) of whymust be clear in the conclusion. Ensure that you adhere to the following guidelines:1. Always use APA format for references, aswell as headings for sections of the report. 2. Must have a minimum of 5 credibly sourced articles/reports forreferences (Examples: CDC website data, NIH website data, WHOwebsite data and articles from credible journals: JAMA, Journal ofEpidemiology, BMJ, New England Journal of Medicine)The paper must include the following elements: Title Page, Body of Paper Introduction and background to public health issue be sure toinclude a discussion of social determinants of health Epidemiology/Review of evidence Analysis and discussion Be sure to discuss current industry recommendations witha focus on social determinants of health Also discuss issues regarding cultural competence,diversity and inclusion Conclusions References 

This is your introduction and background to issue. Discuss key facts/significanceof issueEpidemiology. This is the section to review of evidence. Provide tables, graphs, charts, pictures,etc., and any other data in this section and explain, NO INTERPRETATIONS. Analysis/Discussion: In this section, begin to interpret the data you gathered as well as discussrecommendable actions to help address this issue. Bring in information and key pointspresented by professionals in the reports/data you reviewed.Conclusion: Summarize everything and make your final points regarding issue and actions. Lastly, References