Essay #1: Peer Review Self-L

26Jan 2022 by

Peer review is apparently difficult online. I’m going to upload the form that we would have used in the classroom, and if you can have someone else complete it–another student in our class or someone else who is willing to answer all my questions–that would be best.
However, that won’t always be possible online, so you may also complete the peer review as a self-evaluation and answer the questions yourself about your essay.
You can always ask me for feedback, but I’d prefer that you or someone other than me completes your peer review. You can also ask questions of one of our tutors or use the Net Tutor link on this page for additional feedback.
The peer review is worth points, so do it one way or the other :-).
The goal here is to test out your argument for an audience–your reader–and imagine that reader to be like the hostile people in the community who think you voted for the wrong verdict. Are you, in your essay, able to persuade that person that your verdict was, in fact, right?
Are you using all of the argumentation strategies that we have discussed?
You can download the form and fill it out or just type the responses separately and upload them.