I need an 800-900 word essay. Due December 6th.

For this essay assignment, you need to pick a current event (no more than 3 month ago) and write an essay about it. The event needs to relate to the concepts that we have covered in the class. You have the freedom to choose the economic event you like. It does not matter where the event happened. Your event could be from global, regional, or local news sources. You must provide in-text and end-of-text citations for the sources in your essay. Refer to the rubric below for expectations.

Format requirements: 1) 800-1000 words; 2) APA format for in-text and end-of-text citations; 3) Direct quotes from your news sources should not exceed 15% of your total words. 4) Include at least two graphs/charts (not photographs) in the essay (cited, software generated, or hand drawn). Make sure you explain the graph/chart as well.