This assignment is intended to help you learn to do the following:

Describe the history of significant catastrophic disasters and the manner in which they were handled by their respective government agencies.
Analyze ethical decision-making in a catastrophic disaster and when planning for a catastrophic disaster.
ICS, NIMS, and NRF implications will be evaluated and compared to other models throughout the world. 
Describe the role of the emergency manager in a catastrophic disaster.
Pick one of the three Case Studies in Chapter 4 to review for this assignment:

2003 California Wildfire Response
Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster
Pentagon Attack on September 11, 2001
You will write a three to four-page paper prioritizing the lessons learned according to what should be implemented first and so on. Describe why you think each has its priority placement.

Action Items
Read Chapter 4 and pick one of the three Case Studies to review.
Complete additional research on the response in this case study. (See the optional resources available in the course materials, or conduct research through the Franklin University Library for scholarly resources.)
In a 3-4 page paper, address the following:
Describe the disaster event.
Describe any lessons learned on the implementation of response for this disaster event.
Describe priority placement in the response process to the disaster event.
Follow APA formatting guidelines (Links to an external site.). Total page length not including title page, appendices, or references should be between 3-4 pages. The body of the paper can include charts and images, but these may not be used to excess to pad the length. This paper should include a minimum of three academic resources.
Submit the completed first draft of your assignment. Your work will automatically be checked by Turnitin.
Access your Turnitin report by reviewing your Submission Details for this assignment. Revise your work as needed based on the feedback.
By the due date indicated, re-submit the final version of your work.