Using all of the sources above, craft an essay comparing American marriages and families of today (the 21st Century) with previous family forms and related changes to culture, gender/sexuality and economics. In your essay you will answer each of these questions: 1) Using specific examples from your sources, define the concepts of marriage and family from a sociological perspective, 2) Identify the broader social changes that have led to such a drastic shift in the form and function of marriages and families, and 3) provide an analysis of the outcomes of the changing American family answering the question,  is there a “crisis” in these institutions?

Essays should be at least 1,000 words in length and formatted using typical MLA standards for citations, including a Works Cited entry. Please format your essay as Times New Roman 12 point and save it as a DOC, DOCX or PDF file. Then attach your file to this assignment in order to submit it for grading.