Essay Test

26Jan 2022 by

Please follow the instructions on which prompt to answer.  Your essay must be coherently organized with a topic sentence that contains a thesis, a body containing the evidence that supports your thesis, and a conclusion that reiterates your thesis. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES ARE ALLOWED.  You can only use evidence from White Rage, Overthrow, and Major Problems in American History. 

Answer the question below. . .

Woodrow Wilson argued that the US was entering the war tomake the world safe for democracy.  What does he mean?  Why doesSenator LaFollete oppose going to war? Does the Espionage Act contradictWilson’s idea of a world safe for democracy?  Why or why not?  Howdoes George Creel persuade the American public to support the war effort? Why did African-Americans fight in the war?  How do their reasons forfighting compare to the treatment they have received in the UnitedStates?  Use examples from the assigned documents in Major Problems inAmerican History and White Rage.