Essay writing

essay focus on issues experienced by diverse populations and/or those around you. You are encouraged to be more attentive to life, and the lived experiences of those around you. For example: if you utilize public transportation, pay meticulous attention to your bus driver or those who assist in operating these services. It is advised to pay attention over several days to develop firm assumptions. 
Ask yourself: What could their intrapersonal stress look like? How could life look for them both before and after work? Working with their colleagues? What stresses/challenges might they experience on the job, especially with the public (i.e. bus driver)? 
During class, students can expect to break into groups for in-depth discussions about the lived experiences of others.  
Task: essay will involve you looking at people around you and considering life through their lens. Pick one person. Consider tracking your thoughts about their life over a week. Think of their stress/stressors/challenges. How might they be coping? To help with this task, look into the areas in which you live, work and play. Make assumptions about their stress linked to places where they live, work and play. Through your writing within this WI, paint a picture of their life. 
Goal: The objective is to deepen the understanding of stress as a part of everyones life but critically thinking about people who may experience stress differently. 
Deliverable at the completion: Using no less than 3-3 1/2 pages, produce a medium stakes paper based on the task above. All work submitted should be in Word document or PDF format. Otherwise, it will not be graded. Paper will be due upon completion of WI Phase 1. Check-in with your rubric to learn expectations for the grade you desire.