Ethical Dilemmas and the Blindspots Found in the Drug Advertisement Industry of America

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Drug Advertisement Industry of America 
The pharmaceutical industry is the largest in America, generating over $484.8 billion dollars in 2018 (Pharmapproach). This directly affects the welfare of the country, as many people depend on medicine to survive or enjoy daily life, and need to trust the healthcare that is provided. Ethical dilemmas arise then when Big Pharma influences these professionals. Pharmaceutical companies sales directly relate to advertisement, which are aimed at consumers, and healthcare professionals directly. As marketing for a drug increases, so do the prescription rates as patients request them. This can be viewed as a good thing, seeing as some people may not have otherwise sought out treatment under normal circumstances, but this also increases the amount of adverse effects (David). This is exacerbated by the blindspots in American Drug Advertisng the system, as minorities are not fully represented in study groups and the lack of post-FDA approval study of prescription and over the counter drugs (David) (Chandra). 
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