Ethical implications-Order now from

Ethical implications-Order now from
Learning Objectives

Examine the process involved with problem formulation.
Apply critical thinking to problem identification.
Apply decision-making techniques.
Determine factors affecting decision implementation.
Evaluate resources and actions required for implementation.
Evaluate ethical implications of a decision.
Evaluate decision-making outcomes and processes.

Examine a business issue of your choosing that has ethical implications. 

For example, research the arguments (both for and against) regarding advertising to children, paying a living wage, requiring union membership, or selling tobacco. 

Research and present the leading opinions and comment on the validity of the arguments. Which side is more compelling? Why

Develop a 10 to 15 slide PowerPoint presentation
Include detailed speaker notes for each slide OR present your slides via Video and submit the link for the video with your slide deck 
Support your presentation with a minimum of 3 credible academic references
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