Ethics research essay

For this essay assignment, complete the following:

Research a recent example of unethical practices in business analytics, including big data issues in privacy, confidentiality, data ownership, data transfer, data collection and storage as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and/or Federal Trade Commission. Your example should be recent in order to address current issues in business analytics and big data no more than two years old, and from a credible source as learned in class using library resources.
Provide a summary of your example, including the organization and business function involved (e.g. accounting, finance, marketing, etc.) Evaluate the critical ethical issues which are relevant to your example by citing the specific ethical codes that have been violated.
Provide a detailed recommendation on how the business analytics decision should have been handled by the organization in such a way that is guided by the GDPR and FTC principles.
Write your 3-page minimum essay (2 pages of content, 1-page Works Cited) in professional industry communication style, free of spelling and grammatical errors with references and a works cited in adherence with MLA format.