Ethics Test

In a minimum of 4 (total) pages, please answer all 4 essay questions. You may use the text, aany information and any additional external sources you wish to. The more information, the better.
1 1/2 page – Thoroughly summarize Kohlbergs three levels (stages) of moral development, illustrating your answer where appropriate. (Ch. 7
1 1/2 page – Thoroughly discuss the underlying moral dilemma contained in the practice
of deceptive interrogation, providing at least three (3) examples. (Ch. 8)
1 1/2 page – Thoroughly describe what is meant by the principle that we should, Act so
as to treat humanity, whether in your own person or that of any other, as an
end and never as a means only. (Ch. 9- Respect for Persons)
1 page – Thoroughly discuss virtue and the good life, as detailed in the text (ch.10)

Book – Ethics, Crime, and Criminal Justice written by Christopher R. Williams & Bruce A. Arrigo – Second Edition