Ethnic studies

TASK 1 (one page, single space):
Pick an institution (i.e. government, prisons, schools, healthcare, media) and practice explaining how class
manifests in that institution. In other words, how are the owning class, middle class, working class, and the
poor represented? What kind of influence does each class have? For example, who does what work within
it, who profits from that work, who makes the rules and policies, whose work is visible and whose isnt?
Who creates and benefits from the discourses that are circulating about class in this institution?
TASK 2 (one page, single space):
Look at the labels on three items you used the most today (i.e. clothes, shoes, technology, food). Track down
the corporate chain between you and the producer. Where were the products made? What are the working
conditions under which the products were made? How much did you pay for it? How much does the
average worker who made those products earn, and under what working conditions? How much did the
corporation make for its shareholders in profits? What are specific strategies you can implement today in
response to what you found – if working conditions and/or compensation were bad, how might you work
towards improving them? If working conditions and/or compensation were good, how could you increase
awareness of these products & businesses and address a classist system?