Etst 001

1. What are the central tenets and critiques of internal colonialism, black pessimism, andblack and Latino Marxism? (Gutierrez, Sexton, Dawson)
 2. What is the long 16th Century and what are the central differences between Spanish andAnglo-American settler colonial projects according to Gerald Horne. (Long 16h century,Religion, Race) 
3. How did the Spanish colonization of California Native lands give rise to the first forms ofincarceration in California according to the book City of Inmates? (Catholicism, MissionSystem, enclosure of Native lands)
 4. What is primitive accumulation and how did this process lead to the development ofAnglo-American colonization of the Southwest and the development of Americancapitalism, imperialism, and eugenics as a leading ideology in the long 19th Century?(Phases of capitalist development, Mexicans, California Genocide, Chinese Exclusion,Eugenics, Poor Whites)

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