Evaluating a Special Education Teacher

Use the math lesson plan attached to respond to the following assignment:

Evaluating a Special Education Teacher
Using the Adapted Danielson Instructional Specialist Framework, [and not as a part of any persons employment evaluation], use the Danielson Framework to simulate an evaluation of a special education teacher.  After conducting the simulated evaluation, discuss your simulated evaluation with the teacher as well as your simulated recommendations for growth and development. Make sure to specify with the teacher that this course assignment is in no way connected to their employment and will only be viewed by your course instructor suing a pseudonym. Include the following in this assignment:

Completed evaluation form
Recommendations for growth and development
Brief summary of the post-observation conference (Note: if you are able to complete a simulated post-observation conference then write about the experience of what you said, or describe in a narrative what you would say if this were an actual formal evaluation)
See rubric attached
*Use post observation template attached to guide answers to questions